Psychological help at home with Skype therapy

Skype-terapi på dansk

skype therapyNow it is possible to talk with a professional psychologist from the comfort of your own home. Some people choose not to visit a psychologist either from shame or fear that others may discover it.

Perhaps their psychological problems make it almost impossible for them to get out the door, or maybe they find it really difficult to sit opposite another person and talk about their deep personal thoughts and feelings.

There are also those who, perhaps due to a busy and stressful workday, or transport restrictions, simply cannot find the time to go to the psychologist.

Skype therapy

Skype therapy is the ideal solution. With Skype therapy, you can sit at home in peace and quiet, and talk privately with your personal psychologist. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a webcam.

The price for Skype therapy is 1100 kr. per hour.

To learn more about Skype therapy, call 88 61 31 21 for a free informal chat with one of our professional cognitive psychologists.

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